Soft Tissue (Gum) Management

Emerging research has shown a causative link between Periodontal (gum) disease and

  1. Cardiovascular (heart) Disease
  2. Diabetes
  3. Respiratory (lung) Disease
  4. Low Birth Weight
  5. Stroke

Because of these latest studies, and the serious consequences for not addressing the problems, the Dental Care Center has taken an aggressive approach towards the treatment of Soft Tissue problems.

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Dr. David Greenberg is a kind, caring and super-competent dentist. He goes out of his way to make his patients comfortable, and is genuine in his concern for their oral health. I like the fact that his office is up on the latest technologies, especially digital imaging, but still maintains old fashioned attitude toward their patients. To Dr. Greenberg, and to his staff (especially Donna) each and every patient is an individual, worthy of respect and excellence. Hats off to all of you!