Sedation Dentistry

You probably have heard the radio adds about “Sedation Dentistry” and how you can get all your treatment done with just taking a little pill. You probably have also heard about treatment without anxiety, and that this is the method of choice for people who suffer going to the dentist.

Well it is all true. We prefer to think about sedation dentistry as “Twilight Sleep” or to put it into context, a “three martini don’t-give-a-damn state of relaxation.” That should explain it. Actually the experience is quite pleasant, with the patient awake and able to understand and communicate with the doctor and staff, and walk out after treatment with little help. The great thing about “Twilight Sleep” is that you won’t be afraid or remember much of theoperation. My wife (David’s Mom) recently had her implants done this way. Can you imagine a dentist’s wife and mother being so fearful? It happens.

So Mom went through the treatment (she took a small pill) and was amazed at the total process.

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