Rembrandt Whitening

Incredible White Teeth in One Hour!

Now almost everyone can have beautiful white teeth.  Rembrandt, the in-office revolutionary whitening system is safe, effective and fast.

Teeth Whitening in MarylandRembrandt is safe, simple, and painless.  We begin by isolating your lips and gums.  Next we place a special gel over your teeth and activate the process by using a specially designed light.  Teeth typically become many shades whiter.  In most cases, teeth continue to whiten the first few days after the procedure.

In addition:

  • The expected results will last about 3-4 years.  Along with your regular cleaning, your whiter smile can sparkle for years.
  • The revolutionary gel uses oxygen to bleach out the stains in one short hour.
  • Studies show that whiter teeth make a better first impression!

To have whiter teeth in an hour, call us to make your appointment today!

Great experience.  Used them for emergency care.  Would go back for regular check-ups too.