Rembrandt Whitening

Incredible White Teeth in One Hour!

Now almost everyone can have beautiful white teeth.  Rembrandt, the in-office revolutionary whitening system is safe, effective and fast.

Teeth Whitening in MarylandRembrandt is safe, simple, and painless.  We begin by isolating your lips and gums.  Next we place a special gel over your teeth and activate the process by using a specially designed light.  Teeth typically become many shades whiter.  In most cases, teeth continue to whiten the first few days after the procedure.

In addition:

  • The expected results will last about 3-4 years.  Along with your regular cleaning, your whiter smile can sparkle for years.
  • The revolutionary gel uses oxygen to bleach out the stains in one short hour.
  • Studies show that whiter teeth make a better first impression!

To have whiter teeth in an hour, call us to make your appointment today!

Dr. David Greenberg is a kind, caring and super-competent dentist. He goes out of his way to make his patients comfortable, and is genuine in his concern for their oral health. I like the fact that his office is up on the latest technologies, especially digital imaging, but still maintains old fashioned attitude toward their patients. To Dr. Greenberg, and to his staff (especially Donna) each and every patient is an individual, worthy of respect and excellence. Hats off to all of you!